SELECT Villas & A Place in the Sun !!!

26th May 2017

Last week SELECT Villas had the honour of presenting one of our beautiful properties in Benissa Costa to the property buying television series “A Place In The Sun”, which will be broadcasted on Channel 4 to over 4.5 million viewers.

It all started by meeting with the director and the researcher to view two of our properties in Montemar and Alcazar. A strong relationship was built and we really helped them understand the areas of the properties and the typical buying trends and statistics of clients.

The clients basic criteria was for 3 bedrooms, 2bathrooms, outdoor space and close to amenities. The chosen property was in Montemar and excitement was very high as the filming day was organised!

On the day of filming, Julie and Dawn arrived at the property very early to dress and set up the villa. The team from “A Place in The Sun” arrived with the buyers, who we couldn’t have any contact with, and filmed for four hours. When filming ceased the director proudly informed us that the clients were very happy and impressed that we matched their criteria so well, and that they would like to make an offer!

What a SUCCESS!!!

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